McDonald's Hong Kong - I'm Amazing

McDonald's Hong Kong - I'm Amazing

McDonald's Hong Kong - I'm Amazing!

Hong Kong is home to the infamous Chinese Tiger Mom, overzealous, grade-conscious mums who pressure their children to excel in academics, even at the expense of their child's natural interests.
Incredibly, it turns out that kids don't actually like being locked under the staircase and made to study algebra for three hours after school.

There has been a lot of debate in the Hong Kong media about the pros and cons of dominant parenting. At the time of this campaign, a spotlight was focused on a study by a prominent child psychologist who proved the majority of Hong Kong children found success when allowed to pursue their chosen creative field. 

We decided to capitalise on this newfound 'Children's Lib' movement and created the I'm Amazing project.

1. Kids show us their inner creative by submitting ideas for what they would like to see built for real in a
   McDonald's concept store.
2. We make it happen.

The store chosen was the iconic 'Megabox' McDonald's store in Kowloon Bay. After gutting the insides, we selected 22 of the most unique designs and working with custom fabricators and interior decorators, brought ideas such as the 'Deep-Sea Bookcase' and 'Rainbow Dinosaur Arch' to life.

2013 Cannes - Silver Lion (Media)
2012 Kam Fan Awards - Grand Kam Fan
2012 Kam Fan Awards - Gold (Field Marketing)
2012 Kam Fan Awards - Gold - Use of Branded Content, Experiential, Sponsorship and Events
2012 Kam Fan Awards - Gold - Best use of Ambient
2012 Kam Fan Awards - Gold - Best Integrated Campaign
2012 Kam Fan Awards - Silver - Environmental and Space Design
30sec TVC
The landing page
The Create page: Here children could choose from array of online drawing tools to create a submission for the I'm Amazing store. Users could even upload a photo or video of their idea - furthering the idea of allowing kids to be creative in their own way.
The Parents area: An information hub where parent's could ask questions in real-time with child psychologists, find fun stuff to do with their kids and finally earn that 'Father of the Year' mug.
The Submissions Gallery: This list went on for quite a while. Side-note: we were able to track the brush strokes for any drawings submitted through our app so we could see these kids getting crazy first hand. We took some of the cooler recordings (kids packing it all in and wiping their masterpiece to start again) and played the vids through projector installations at the store opening. 
The Store Map:  An interactive map of the store showcasing the winning submissions and placement. Users could hover over each item to see a real life shot of the creation in-store as well as a brief profile of the kid who created it.
Prelaunch drawing party - kids could draw on the walls without fear of retribution.
Crafting up 'ice-cream boots' in between shipments of Hello Kitty skeleton suits and Buzz Lightyear's chin; this woman is now helping me release my own line of sequined Hamburgler underwear.
Fabricators in action
You're average PwC exec's rumpus room. Just kidding - inside the warehouse
'The Silence of the Sesame: A Journey into Textile Torment', (2012), Felt on foam
The Grand Opening facade. We asked the people what they wanted - turns out it was an inflatable dinosaur throwing up a rainbow onto a panda.
4am launch day. The serenity.
The grand opening – Winner's (and parents) pose with their creations
She was waiting there all day...
Chips are surprisingly good for lumbar support
Ronald rousing on some kids. Probably for not being creative enough.
Celebrities everywhere! (Trust me, they're celebrities)
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