Intel - The Escape

Intel - The Escape

Intel - The Escape

Intel's range of 2nd generation core processors have enough power to 3D render The Barrier Reef while playing Starcraft against half of Seoul. The problem was, we had to get everyday punters to understand why they should care about this little wafer inside their click-box.

So, how could we make these features exciting for a non-technical audience?

We created The Escape - part YouTube film, part game, and part product demo.
In The Escape, our audience became heroes of a techno-thriller, using the features of the Intel Core to save a femme fatale and elude two ruthless dudes with a penchant for mysterious envelopes.
Along the way, players picked computerised locks, fought enemies, piloted a combat drone, drafted Facebook friends into battle, and played with special content on their phones in the form of an Apple iAd. This wasn't about watching a YouTube video. It was about playing it.

And play it they did... with 580,000 interactions in the first month alone. 
YouTube weren't happy with us on this one. The boffins over there have since changed their brand mimicry guidelines as apparently in the process of pushing their platform to the limits we almost broke the Internet.

2012 Cannes - Silver (Mobile)
2012 Webby Award Winner (Rich Media B to C)
2012 AdFest (Asia) - Bronze (Use of Online Video)
2011 Internationalist Awards – Gold (Innovation)
2011 Digital Media Awards – Bronze (Gaming)
2011 Spikes – Finalist (Online)
2011 FWA – Site of the Day
2011 FWA – App of the Day
2011 Kam Fan Awards (Hong Kong) – Bronze (Cyber Campaign)
2011 Kam Fan Awards (Hong Kong) – Bronze (Online Advertising)
2011 Kam Fan Awards (Hong Kong) – Bronze (Use of Digital Media)
Landing Page
YouTube surroundings begin to break as pursuers run into wall
Combat drone sequence
Mobile iAd login
Box-on with your thumbs!
iAd award video
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